The Serenity Welcome Homepage website originated in 1996, the year heralding the dawn of my sobriety.

It began as an obsession in atonement for many misdeeds by offering words of wisdom and reflection to those still suffering.

Each short story was accompanied by artwork intending to enhance the written word. The enduring theme of the artwork was the beauty, awe and mystery of the softer sex, woman.

That year also marked my divorce and the artwork was the celebration of femininity and how special it was to have someone close and how awful it was to be not so.

The majority of the images contain nudity for which I was not always held in high esteem. I'm not certain I could properly defend how my choice of artwork was intended to honor not demean womankind.

For every picture chosen 1000 were rejected and over the past 18 years that number would approach 1 million images.

The heart of the website has been the inclusion of short stories taken mostly from The Hazelden Foundation in the form of Today's Gift, Touchstones, Night Light, and Each Day a New Beginning publications. I am eternally grateful to Hazelden for allowing their use. I encourage everyone to visit the Hazelden website.

In the early days, the website elicited hundreds of emails, mostly in praise of the beautiful artwork and positive feedback for the inspiration of the writings. Several emails shared that the authors' lives had been spared by the impact of the material.

Thousands of hours were spent developing and maintaining it; but it is clear that the passage of time has changed the landscape dramatically. The site has generated 2 emails in the past 4 years.

The domain will go dark on or before December 17, 2014.

Of the hundreds of great artists represented on this site three stand out: Jean-Paul Avisse, Jonathon Earl Bowser, and Kirk Reinert. Thank you for providing the most amazing artwork on the planet.


God bless and keep you.

Be well and farewell my friends.

- Andy Anderson














Expectations Encounters Perfection / Midi: Bells & Chimes

Circle Game


Junk Room / Midi: Pretty Paper



I have attempted to provide accurate copyright, credits, and functioning links to the sites where I have acquired the beautiful icons, images, and inspirational writings presented on this site. Please...if you use any items from my website...maintain the links, copyrights and credits that I have provided.

 Thank you.

This Serenity Website was established on 10 October, 1996